Does blackberry offer indoor and outdoor seating?

We do! We have plenty of indoor seating, and outdoor sidewalk seating or back patio seating (Glen Ellyn) available.


Online Ordering, Pick Up, Delivery, & Catering

Are you still going to offer a delivery service?

While we can’t guarantee delivery for most daily orders, we often can accommodate delivery for large catering orders made in advance – give us a call!

Can I still order online for in-store pickup or curbside?

YES, please! With all of the changes we’ve experienced over the past year, our takeout orders help us significantly. So we appreciate those online orders…keep ‘em coming!

Can I still walk in and order takeout?

YES! We will still be accommodating walk-in orders to-go.

How can I best support Blackberry during this time? I keep telling everyone to order yummy food, but is there anything else I can do?

Why… yes! Thanks for asking (wink, wink)! We have been delighted by the response of our community during this time. We have asked for help sponsoring meals for the homeless, and you have answered abundantly. We’ve had people order meals for their local first responders and for hospital staff. We’ve had folks purchase gift cards. And those are all great ways to help! THANK YOU!


If you’re going back to work in an office anytime soon, we would love to talk to you about catering individual lunches for your team. (See #12)

Or if you’re getting together with a group of friends or family and you want Blackberry to provide the meal (or the treats), well, we’d be tickled pink (or purple) to deliver up some yum! Check out our Catering Page to learn more.

Are you offering catering right now?

YES! We have our usual catering menu available, and we are excited for any opportunity to provide tasty food for a group of folks. We’ll even deliver individual boxed lunches or meals to you. Check out our Catering Page to order.

We love to have a few day’s notice on catering orders, but if you are a day out and want to order catering, go ahead and call us. Just ask for a manager and we will see what we can do!

Can I get a house account for my office? 

Yes, we do that for folks who regularly order catering from us. Email info @ and we’ll get that set up for you.



What is your mask policy?

In line with state and local mandates and guidance, masks will be optional for guests beginning on February 28, 2022.

What are you doing to keep things clean?

We regularly clean and sanitize all guest and staff areas of our restaurant, as well as ensure proper food safety protocol for everything that we make and serve. You can rest assured that we take the safety of your Blackberry Market experience seriously.

What’s this I hear about a new air filtration system?

Why, yes, you heard correctly! We have installed several commercial-grade air purification systems throughout both locations. These babies circulate the air up to 5x/hour (same as most airplanes) while removing 99.99% of all contaminants, including the coronavirus. To learn more, email bob @

When are you going back to your regular operating hours?

As of January 2021, we will be open from 7am-5pm seven days a week in Glen Ellyn and La Grange! We will be evaluating later hours as we continue to transition.

What gives with all these new rules and regulations? Why are there so many? 

The majority of our systems are being updated to follow the mandates and protocols that have been put in place by the Governor’s office.



I heard that you’re offering a Gluten-free bread option?

Why yes, it is true! And to answer a few likely follow-up questions: yes, it is a brioche bun… yes, it was developed internally and is made in-house… yes, you can order it now.

What’s this blackberry hibiscus tea all about? 

We’re fortunate enough to have developed a new (proprietary) BLACKBERRY HIBISCUS with Rishi that we are now serving up! You need to try it – you can’t get it anywhere else!


Ok, if you’ve made it all the way to here, you’re committed. So we just want to say again, thank you so much for your support. We are honored to be putting food on the table for you, wherever that table may be.

If you have a question that isn’t answered here, feel free to get in touch with us here.

Your friends,

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